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Growing Tips

Tomato Shape Chart

Tomato Chart


Sow in greenhouse 4 - 6 weeks before desired planting date. Allow plants to adjust to field conditions for 48 hours before transplanting. Plant transplants up to 6 inches deep.


Staking and pruning plants are an important management practice. Staking and pruning allows the plant to concentrate on fruit development and also ensures less damage when harvesting fruit. Staking also keeps fruit from setting on the ground. Grow plants on raised beds with drip irrigation. Scout weekly to ensure crop quality. Consult Midwest Vegetable Production Guide on identification and treatment. https://www.extension.purdue.edu/extmedia/ID/ID-56-W%202020.pdf


Harvest tomatoes when 60 - 90% red for fresh markets. Consult your buyers on what stage they would like their tomatoes harvested. However, please note that the more red the tomato the shorter the shelf life.


Store at 50 - 60ºF and 85 - 95% humidity to ensure the longest shelf life.