XPT 1832 III

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A precocious yellow straightneck from Seminis with transgenic resistance to WMV, ZYMV and CMV.

V42073 : XPT 1832 III
Treatment * Pkg Size ** Price (USD)
FarMore FI400 1M seeds $67.90
FarMore FI400 3M seeds $192.15
FarMore FI400 55M seeds $3,355.00
* M = 1,000
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Disease Resistance
Cucumber Mosaic Virus
Watermelon Mosaic Virus
Zucchini Yellows Mosaic Virus
Documents Required

An STSA (Squash Technology Stewardship Agreement) is needed for all transgenic squash orders: Justice III, SV0914YG, Conqueror III, Destiny III, and XPT 1832 III.

Please include your license number when ordering. If you are not licensed, please call us at 800-700-1199 for an agreement. Allow 3-4 weeks for processing.

Honor local restrictions: Four California counties — Marin, Mendocino, Santa Cruz and Trinity — prohibit planting any crop improved through biotechnology. Seminis has not commercialized these products in Maine, and you agree not to plant this product in Maine.

Item Number
Maturity (days)
Length (inches)
5 - 7
Glossy Yellow
Squash Type
Fruit Shape
FarMore FI400

Growing Tips

Herbicide Caution

Some pre-emergence herbicides can and will cause distortions in squash and pumpkins, especially the species with the corky stems. It also has been noticed in hardstem varieties. These distortions may show up in both color or shape.


Direct seed into field. Plant ½” - ¾” deep. Row spacing should range from 36” - 60” apart. In row spacing ranges from 18” - 24”.

Planting Guidelines - Squash Summer
Approximate Seeds per Pound:
2,500 - 6,000
Seeding Rate per Acre by Weight:
1.7 - 1.8 lbs
Seeding Rate per Acre in M (1,000):
4.6 - 10.1 M
Seeding Rate Seeds per 1,000 foot of Row:
500 - 667
Seed or Plant Spacing In Row:
18 - 24"
Seed or Plant Spacing Between Rows:
36 - 60"
Seed or Plant Spacing Depth:
.5 - .75"
Recommended Soil Temperature:
70 - 80°F
Days to Germination:
7 - 10

Scout fields every 7 days. Inspect for weeds, insect, and disease infestation.


Harvest every other day. Fruit should be 7 - 8” in length and 1 - 2½” in diameter. Another way to determine harvestablity is to harvest when blossom has wilted.


Store at 40 - 50ºF and at 95% humidity.