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Growing Tips


Plant seeds ½” - ¾” deep. Plant spacing varies depending on vine type. Bush type plants should be planted closer and vine types should be planted farther apart. Squash need to have approximately 25 - 30 sq. ft.


Scout every 7 days for insect, weed, and disease pressure. Please note that the farther south one travels the smaller the fruit get and the farther north one travels the larger the fruit get. Size is relative to day length.


Cut off the vine to keep peduncle. Wash in 5% chlorine solution and pat dry. Let cure for 10 days. Keep fruit dry to prevent spoilage. Allow air to circulate around fruit.


Store at 45 - 55ºF and humidity level of 50 - 60%. Keep fruit dry and allow air to circulate around fruit.

Plant Spacing

Each variety or type of squash has an optimum plant spacing for its best performance. If plants are too close, stress and competition can decrease fruit size and possibly even reduce the number of female flowers. Under extreme stress, tight spacing may eliminate the crop entirely.

  • Accurate plant spacing will be an equal opportunity environment for every plant.
  • Suggested populations are for final plant stands.
  • To achieve ideal plant populations it is necessary to either over-plant and hand thin or to plant according to recommendations and hand plant later to fill skips.
  • Seed corn maggots, wire worms, mice and birds, floods or lack of rain are all common problems that effect accurate stand establishment.

Squash Plant Spacing Chart
Per Acre
Compact Bush 5’ 2’ 4,356
Bush 5' 3' 2,904
Semi Bush 5' 4' 2,178
Restricted Vine 5' 4' 2,178
Vine 5' 5' 1,742