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Growing Tips


Plant rows 2’ - 3’ apart with plants 8” - 16” apart. Seeding rate should be approximately 2 to 4 pounds per acre. Preplant fertilizer should be 60 pounds per acre of nitrogen, 0 - 60 pounds of phosphorus, and 0 - 200 pounds of potassium per acre depending on soil test results.


Sidedress 30 - 60 pounds of nitrogen after transplants are established. Use crop rotation to help combat disease pressure. Scout fields for disease, mildew, and insects.


Kale can be harvested three ways: whole plant, bunched leaves, or “stripped” leaves. “Stripped” kale is pre-packaged for fresh market in all methods; yellow or damaged leaves must be removed before packing.


Leafy greens can be stored close to 32ºF. At this temperature, they can be held for 10 - 14 days.