Pigeon Red Flowering Kale

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A unique series of ornamental kales for the garden landscape and combination planters. Compact, dwarf plants with uniform, round shaped, solid heads and slightly waved leaves. Heads begin to show colors on the central leaves when the air temperature regularly drops below 55 - 60º F.

V28506 : Pigeon Red Flowering Kale
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Growing Tips


Plant rows 2’ - 3’ apart with plants 8” - 16” apart. Seeding rate should be approximately 2 to 4 pounds per acre. Preplant fertilizer should be 60 pounds per acre of nitrogen, 0 - 60 pounds of phosphorus, and 0 - 200 pounds of potassium per acre depending on soil test results.

Planting Guidelines - Kale
Approximate Seeds per Pound:
124,000 - 136,000
Seeding Rate per Acre by Weight:
1.9 - 2.9 oz
Seeding Rate per Acre in M (1,000):
15.2 - 24.2 M
Seeding Rate Seeds per 1,000 foot of Row:
667 - 800
Seed or Plant Spacing In Row:
15 - 18"
Seed or Plant Spacing Between Rows:
18 - 24"
Seed or Plant Spacing Depth:
.25 - .5"
Recommended Soil Temperature:
60 - 75°F
Days to Germination:
6 - 10

Sidedress 30 - 60 pounds of nitrogen after transplants are established. Use crop rotation to help combat disease pressure. Scout fields for disease, mildew, and insects.


Kale can be harvested three ways: whole plant, bunched leaves, or “stripped” leaves. “Stripped” kale is pre-packaged for fresh market in all methods; yellow or damaged leaves must be removed before packing.


Leafy greens can be stored close to 32ºF. At this temperature, they can be held for 10 - 14 days.