Edible Soy

Growing Tips

Vegetable soybeans (edamame) from Rupp Genetics are in a class of their own for table use. They produce very large beans that are high in protein and sweet if picked and preserved in the proper stage. Used primarily as a shelled green bean with eating quality superior to limas and higher protein than either peas or limas. The best flavored of all food grade soybeans. Plant more than one variety for multiple harvests.


Plant green beans in soil temperatures of 65 degrees or greater. Planting depth should be 1/2" to 1". Row spacing should be 30" for handpicking. There should be approximately 2" between plants. Some commercial growers are using 15" rows for late planted green beans that are going to be mechanically harvested.


Weed pressure and insect pressure are the hardest things to control in green beans. If conditions are wet, diseases are more prevalent.


Harvest green beans when 50% of the beans are 3 - 4 sieve.


Store beans at 40 - 45ºF and 95% humidity.

Use Guidelines

Home Garden and Farm Market varieties are considered to be high quality (gourmet) for fresh use or processing. They are low in fiber and more tender. As with most home garden varieties, pods set over a longer period for extended harvest.

Shipping varieties contain fiber that slows wrinkling under long distance shipping or longer time between picking and use on the stand. They are normally less tender than Home Garden or Farm Market varieties. Shipping varieties have a more concentrated pod set for mechanical harvest.

Sieve Size

1 sieve - 7/32"
2 sieve - 5/16"
3 sieve - 11/32"
4 sieve - 3/8"
5 sieve - 7/16"