Rupp Seeds Doubles Down on Vegetables, Divests Grain and Forage Business

May 17, 2022 | By Rupp Seeds

Photo of an aerial view of a pumpkin breeding nursery

Rupp Seeds recently sold its grain and forage seed business to Rob-See-Co, of Elkhorn, Neb. This divestment provides Rupp Seeds the opportunity to focus its investments and research efforts entirely on their vegetable seeds business.

“I’m excited to focus on vegetable seeds going forward,” says Philip Rupp, Rupp Seeds president. “We have great opportunity to expand our product line, our research and our support for commercial growers. For the grain and forage business, we’re excited for our dealers and employees as they continue with a like-minded business.”

Rupp Seeds was founded in 1946 with the grain and forage division that served Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana farmers. The vegetable seed business started in 1985 with the goal of leveraging the company’s previous seed expertise into vegetable seed to help growers maximize returns while meeting the needs of the end consumer.

Today, the company continues with that same goal, except now it’s their singular focus.

“There is such an exciting story to tell about vegetables,” Rupp says. “We want to be a resource for not only commercial growers, but people who sell to farmer’s markets and their customers. There is so much we’re looking forward to doing as we work alongside growers.”

The renewed focus on vegetable seeds will lead to expanded research, trials, and product lines. For vegetable growers and consumers, the future is bright with an eye toward improved production, better nutrition, and enhanced connections at every level in the food value chain.

Grain and Forage Seed Business Moves to Rob-See-Co
When the Rupp family began considering a change to their business, it was an exercise they didn’t take lightly. After more than a year of consideration, Rob-See-Co rose to the top as the perfect fit for the grain and forage seed business.

“They provide a similar company culture and have knowledge and access to information and products in the grain and forage market we didn’t have on our own,” Rupp says. “This sale presents outstanding career and business opportunities for those involved in the grain and forage business. We’re excited for their future.”

Expanded opportunities for the grain and forage business include access to Rob-See-Co and Innotech corn hybrids and Innotech soybean varieties. Current dealers and sales managers will continue selling and supporting Rupp corn and soybean branded products through the 2022 growing season, and work through preparations for the 2023 season.

“We are excited to welcome the Rupp Seeds team to our Rob-See-Co family,” said Rob Robinson, Rob-See-Co CEO. “Rob-See-Co and Rupp Seeds share the culture of a family-owned company. Both companies offer a simple, transparent business model and value the customer relationship. Given the similarities between the two companies, we see a mutually beneficial relationship.” 

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About Rupp Seeds
With more than 75 years of experience in the seed business, Rupp Seeds is Ohio’s go-to vegetable seed source. The company diligently researches and trials many products on-farm to ensure that growers receive the highest quality products specifically aligned with their markets and consumers. From farm to table, productivity and taste matter and both are taken into consideration in the research process.