Sales & Service Consultants

We welcome the opportunity to be a part of your success. The Rupp Seeds sales and service team is ready to assist you in planning for this coming season.  Feel free to contact the salesman in your area if you need their assistance. If you live in an area without a salesman, please contact the office and a representative will assist you.

Barry Rupp

Vegetable Consultant

Indiana, Michigan



Brad Paulson

Vegetable Consultant

Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin



Dave Silveus

Vegetable Consultant

Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia



Phil Ramsey

Vegetable Consultant

North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia



Jeff Hess

Vegetable Consultant

Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania



Jeff Werner

Vegetable Consultant

New England, New York



George Wonnacott

Vegetable Consultant

Ontario, Canada



Kristen Rupp

Inside Sales Manager

  800-700-1199 x7098