Autumn Wings Blend

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A blend of 50% Autumn Wings Small, 25% Autumn Wings Medium, and 25% Autumn Wings Large.

V26510 : Autumn Wings Blend
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FarMore FI400 250 seeds $11.90
FarMore FI400 1M seeds $33.95
FarMore FI400 5M seeds $164.75
FarMore FI400 25M seeds $798.75
FarMore FI400 55M seeds $1,702.25
Treated 250 seeds $9.70
Treated 1M seeds $27.65
Treated 5M seeds $133.25
Treated 25M seeds $641.25
Treated 55M seeds $1,355.75
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Rupp Variety  

Growing Tips


Direct seed in soils that are above 70º F. Plant gourds ½” - 1” deep. For a general rule of thumb plant seed the depth of three times the thickness of the seed. Plant spacing varies depending on fruit size. For small and miniature gourds plant at approximately 5 - 10 sq. ft. per plant. For large gourds plant them at 30 sq. ft. per plant.


Scout fields every 7 days to ensure crop health. Look for insect, weed, and disease pressure. The first three weeks focus on weeds and insect pressure. Then focus on disease pressure. For weed, insect, and disease identification and treatments consult the Midwest Vegetable Production Guide: or your local extension. Place pollinators in field to ensure maximum fruit set.


Harvest when fruit have developed deep vibrant color or when plants start to die down. Clean gourds of dirt, then dip them in a 5% chlorine solution to ensure long shelf life.


Place gourds in a dry place that will have good air circulation to prevent rotting.