RR Maze Corn

A glyphosate herbicide-resistant corn hybrid with the plant height, health and standability you’ll need for a long-standing maze. Hybrid maturity is subject to change but is generally in the 95-to-110-day relative maturity which will be suitable for many growing areas. Can be harvested for grain once the season is complete. A grower license for the herbicide trait is required. If you are not licensed, please call us to obtain an agreement, or go to www.agcelerate.com to obtain a license.

VRRMAZE : RR Maze Corn
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Treated 80M seeds $312.00
* M = 1,000
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Documents Required

In order to purchase Roundup Ready Maze corn, you must have a valid Syngenta License number. If you are licensed, please include your license number on the order form in the space provided. If you are not licensed you may visit www.agcelerate.com or call 1-800-768-6387 ext. 3 to register.

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