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Harvesting Lodged and Down Corn

October 5, 2020 | By Rupp Seeds

Screen shot image of SeedSCOOP publication discussing harvesting lodged and down corn.

As corn nears maturity, stalk integrity can be reduced. Stalk strength is naturally reduced by cannibalization, which occurs when nutrients are moved from the stalk to kernels during grain fill. Additionally, stalk rots and secondary pathogens can diminish stalk quality. High winds can cause corn with weakened stalks to lodge, especially in fields where significant cannibalization and stalk rot infection has occurred. 

Stalk lodging and down corn can complicate harvest and lead to yield loss and storage issues. Effective harvest management can help minimize yield and storage losses in lodged and down corn. Learn more in this issue of SeedScoop.

Harvesting Lodged and Down Corn