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Corn Silage Quality and Inventory Management

March 15, 2021 | By Rupp Seeds

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To ensure a high-quality silage feed source it is important to correctly follow all the critical steps during silage harvest and silo fill. This is an inch by inch and minute by minute process during harvest. 

The five Cs of quality corn silage are:

  • Content of dry matter (DM): 35% DM, which can vary by storage type
  • Chop length: three quarters of an inch for kernel processed silage
  • Compaction of the silage: density of 14 to 16 pounds DM per cubic foot
  • Covering silage: an oxygen barrier and cover or oxygen limiting structure
  • Care and management at feeding: firm feeding face and feed all loose silage

Once the corn is in the silo and ensiled there are no products, activities or strategies that will correct mismanagement that occurred at silo fill. Only after the correct steps are taken at harvest can silage coming out of the silo provide a quality feed that is a good source of energy and high-quality fiber.

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Corn Silage Quality and Inventory Management