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Assessing Corn Yield Potential

August 25, 2020 | By Rupp Seeds

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Estimating corn yield potential can help with harvest decision making. The corn yield component method can be used as early as the R3 (milk) growth stage. The ear weight method is used after corn is physiologically mature.

The Corn-Yield Component Method is widely used and can be used as early as the milk growth stage (R3). It’s risky to make estimates prior to R3 because stresses can affect kernel development and cause kernel abortion. This method is based on the assumption that grain yield can be estimated using the number of ears per acre, number of kernel rows per ear, number of kernels per row and kernel weight.

The Corn-Ear Weight Method should only be used after corn has reached physiological maturity or black layer (R6). This method is more accurate than the yield component method because it is based on actual kernel weight. It does have a factor to account for average shell out percentage.

Both of these methods may produce yield estimates that are within 20 bu/acre of actual yield. Read more to learn about the calculation methods for each and which one would work best for your operation in this issue of SeedScoop.

Assessing Corn Yield Potential