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Our soybean lineup features varieties ranging in maturity from 1.8 up through 3.6.It comes loaded with power yielding lines on multiple trait platforms. Whether your preference is R2Xtend, E3Enilst, GT27LL, XtendFlex, or conventional, please take a minute to view these exciting products.

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RS 18XT17

Rupp RS 18XT17 is a 1.8 maturity, Roundup Read 2 Xtend® soybean variety that offers excellent standability. It has high tolerance to sclerotinia white mold. RS 18XT17 shows some good performance south of zone.

RS 19EL37

Rupp RS 19EL37 is a 1.9 maturity, Enlist E3® variety. It has an impressive win rate in yield performance. RS 19EL37 has really solid Sclerotinia White Mold (SWM) numbers.

RS 20BG47

Rupp RS 20BG47 is a 2.0 maturity LibertyLink GT27® variety provides above average SWM tolerance. It is a very attractive line that loves Michigan.

RS 21EL57

Rupp RS 21EL57 is a 2.1 maturity, Enlist E3® variety. It offers a unique disease protection package: SCN/Rps1k/BSR/SWM. RS 21EL57 provides great performance in this maturity and brings the yield.

RS 23EL34

Rupp RS 23EL34 is a broadly adapted 2.3 maturity, Enlist E3® variety. It has had solid multi-year performance numbers. RS 23EL34 has an impressive bushing ability.

RS 22CV88

Rupp RS 22CV88 is a 2.2 conventional line that is a nice upgrade over our RS 2225 that growers had great success with. RS 22CV88 provides good north to south movement.

RS 23BG30

Rupp RS 23BG30 is a 2.3 maturity, LibertyLink GT27® variety. It is a broad acre product that is built with yield and defensive traits.

RS 25EL24

Rupp RS 25EL24 is a 2.5 Enlist E3® soybean that has a clean look at maturity. It provides big yields across a broad range of acres.

RS 28BG90

Rupp RS 28BG90 is a must have late Group II line. This 2.8 maturity, LibertyLink GT27® variety is an excellent stress tolerant variety.

RS 28XT37

Rupp RS 28XT37 is a 2.8 maturity, Roundup Read 2 Xtend® soybean variety that offers great plant style and standability. It provides big yields across broad acres. RS 28XT37 enjoys SDS environments.

RS 30EL18

Rupp RS 30EL18 is a flaw free line at 3.1 R.M. This Enlist E3® variety provides an enhanced disease package. RS 30EL18 is a great standing line with yield power to spare.

RS 34BG40

Rupp RS 34BG40 is the highest yielding LibertyLink GT27® in the lineup. It provides consistent performance over multiple soil types.

RS 36XT02

Rupp RS 36XT02 is a 3.6 maturity, Roundup Read 2 Xtend® soybean variety. This tough, rugged variety is built for the tristate area of Ohio, Michigan and Indiana.