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Our 2021 hybrid corn lineup is loaded with top performing products. It features SmartStax, VT2 Double Pro, Conventional, and a complete listing of Agrisure Viptera traits, ranging from 84 RM up to 113 RM. We are truly a one stop shop if you’re looking for genetic and trait diversity. Enjoy the tour.

Corn Plot Tours

XR D91-65

Rupp XR D91-65 is a 91 day, Agrisure Viptera® 3220A hybrid. It is widely adapted east to west in northern corn regions. Its tall stature brings dual purpose utility. Yield more with less moisture with the Agrisure Artesian technology.

XR D94-26

Rupp XR D94-26 is a 94 day hybrid. It shows excellent drought and stress tolerance. Compact plant style with very high yield potential. Extremely adaptable to different soil types and yield environments.

XR J94-09

Rupp XR J94-09 is a 94 day relative maturity hybrid with great agronomics. It is a SmartStax® hybrid that is best positioned on well drained soils. It has a semi-flex ear that allows for a wide range of planting densities.

XR D96-13

Rupp XR D96-13 is a 96 day Agrisure Viptera® 3220 hybrid. This hybrid has all the tools. Semi-Flex ear with outstanding grain quality. It provides wide north to south movement.

XR D97-95

Rupp XR D97-95 is a 97 day VT Double Pro® hybrid. It provides very good drought tolerance on tougher acres. Strong emergence and excellent early vigor. Anthracnose stalk resistant.

XR D99-08

Rupp XR D99-08 is a 99 day relative maturity hybrid that provides a dominant yield punch. This VT Double Pro® hybrid has a tremendously girthy ear. It is a great companion for XR D01-90.

XR D01-90

Rupp XR D01-90 is a 101 day, VT Double Pro® hybrid. Its attractive open flared husks aid in rapid drydown. It provides very good seedling vigor and excellent early plant growth. XR D01-90 is very healthy with ability to handle Ohio and Michigan corn disease.

XR A02-20

Rupp XR A02-20 is a 102 day, conventional hybrid that has great fall staygreen with flared husk. Dense kernels may limit northern movement. Strong performance across all yield levels and soil types.

XR J02-35

Rupp XR J02-35 is a 102 day Agrisure Duracade® hybrid. It provides good plant integrity into the fall harvest season. XR J02-35 is a “no worries” kind of corn.

XR D03-07

Rupp XR D03-07 is a 103 day VT Double Pro® hybrid. It provides long ears with good kernel depth that leads to impressive fall appearance. Good northern to southern adaptation. It has very good stalks and roots.

XR D04-31

Rupp XR D04-31 is 104 day relative maturity hybrid. This VT Double Pro® hybrid has a solid agronomic and disease package and is a versatile choice for your acres. XR D04-31 provides very good Tar Spot Tolerance.

XR D07-72

Rupp XR D07-72 is a 107 day, VT Double Pro® hybrid that provides awesome top-end yield potential. It has impressive disease tolerance and is widely adapted, great southern movement.

XR D09-42

Rupp XR D09-42 is a 109 day VT Double Pro® that provides top end yield performance. It exhibits good tip fill and rapid drydown. One of the "Big Three" at this maturity.

XR D09-63

Rupp XR D09-63 is a 109 day Agrisure Viptera® 3320A hybrid that is widely adaptable to soil types. It provides great yield stability, east to west and north to south. XR D09-63 offers superior above ground insect protection with Agrisure Viptera 3220A E-Z Refuge.

XR D10-16

Rupp XR D10-16 is a 110 day VT Double Pro® hybrid that is the complete package. It provides great stalks, roots, early vigor and kernel depth. The standard for mid-full relative maturity.

XR D10-59

Rupp XR D10-59 is a 110 day VT Double Pro® hybrid. It is widely adapted east to west in northern corn regions. It has very good stalks & roots. This hybrid works very well on poorly drained soils.

XR D12-49

Rupp XR D12-49 is a 112 day, VT Double Pro® hybrid. It responds to high management/loves nitrogen. It is Anthracnose stalk resistant. XR D12-49 has a semi-flex ear with excellent test weight.

XR D13-15

Rupp XR D13-15 is a 113 day, VT Double Pro® hybrid that offers a balanced ear style with good tip fill and cover. It has exceptional late season health and intactness. XR D13-15 is a great companion hybrid to XR D12-49, giving wide genetic diversity.